We take the opportunity to introduce ourselves as USHA LINER (SHAPAR) PVT. LTD., A Foundry unit at Usha Liner (shapar) Pvt. Ltd., offers a jobbing foundry service, which has been established for over 35 years.

We supply a variety of castings in the materials listed below to a range of industrial users, original equipment manufacturers and, more recently, CNC machines sector.

Since the past years our Managing Director’s vision and the management of USHA LINER (SHAPAR) Pvt. Ltd. has concentrated on the more complex, graded C.I. castings associated with, for example, CNC machine and Automotive Industries and has used the same technology to raise the standard for all castings produced.

Production Facilities

Our major items of plant are the melting furnaces, which are modern Elctrotherm coreless induction furnaces, TERI design Divided Blast Cupola and molding practices as current production system aims to CAST ANY COMPLICATED PART OR ITEM AS PER DEMAND OR DIE, PATTERN available or to be developed.

Industries Served

Casting Scope (Weights and Sizes)

The normal maximum casting weight in Cast Iron material is approximately 2 Metric tonne
Items up to 5 Tonnes can be quoted for (as foundry unit is increasing its capacity soon)
We have no minimum and can accommodate most shapes and sizes of castings within our weight range
We are happy to quote for one offs and can go up to medium batch production, particularly at the smaller end of our weight range, where production is done on our box moulding line.

Countries Served

Moulding Methods

Shell Moulding
No bake Moulding
Green sand Moulding
Other sand casting methods

Melting Equipment

High Frequency induction furnace 1 x 150kgs/hr capacity
Hot Blast Cupola furnace 1 x 1000kgs/hr capacity
TERI design Divided Blast Cupola 27" diameter 1 x 4500kgs/hr capacity


Inspection shop, Assembling Shop, Fettling shop and all above Materials Testing Laboratory accomplished with fully well qualified Technical Professionals, total involvement of skilled Workers under our firm supervisions before the dispatch of every castings.